Ensuring Your Bar is Prepared for Memorial Day Weekend Crowds

Posted on: May 16, 2018 by RMS Hospitality

Like most holiday weekends, Memorial Day Weekend is always a huge attraction for groups of revelers looking to partake in the festivities. With this in mind it’s the perfect time for bars to prepare for the oncoming crowds with great menus, fun events, and a game plan when it comes to dealing with potential troubles.

Get Insurance

Just like how patrons can order drinks and appetizers from a menu, bar owners can order something just as necessary with pub and tavern coverage meant to protect against possible liabilities. With a whole weekend of fun and partying in store, bar insurance is a key addition to any establishment. Most plans can be personalized to specific locations and sizes of bars, but in general having bar insurance is peace of mind against things like bar fights, broken glass, and other alcohol-related claims of violence.

Get The Word Out

Another way to prepare for the holiday weekend is to consider how you’re going to get people in the door. While offering food and beverages may seem like a surefire combination to bring in the crowds, you still have to stand out from the pack, especially if your bar is along a row.

Get interactive with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. All allow bars the opportunity to promote (for free) their own specials and information surrounding Memorial Day, and allow customer to connect with the establishment. A great idea besides promoting drink specials for the weekend is to create hashtags or sharing opportunities where potential customers can share posts in exchange for a percentage off their tab with a specific code.

Get Them Thirsty

Every bar will have cold beverages on Memorial Day, that much doesn’t have to be said. But standing out from the pack with drink specials or new themed drinks can make a huge difference.

As mentioned above, it’s important to develop a strategy when it comes to promotion, but it’s equally important to follow through on drinks and specials that beat the heat. Have your bartenders and staff come up with drink ideas or pool ideas from those in the kitchen on what should be on the food menu. What’s more, you can get more interactive with customers by taking polls on social media to see what they’re wanting to sip and nosh on that day.

Get the Extras in Order

Making sure your bar has everything in terms of edible and drinkable supplies is key, but there has to be enough stools and chairs to sit on, clean napkins to use, and glasses to drink out of. Make sure to have the proper amount of space and supplies in order before the patrons start pouring in. This will help to eschew any issues with having to dig into the reserves of red plastic cups or having a barback make a run to the corner store for ice.

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