Crowd Violence in Music Venues: Warning Signs and How to Stop It

Posted on: October 23, 2019 by RMS Hospitality

Concertgoers and nightclub patrons looking to hear some of their favorite music or have a great night out with friends don’t go into it expecting the worst to happen. Whether attending a performance at a stadium, an outdoor music festival, or a smaller music venue, people have a right to feel safe and secure.

Concert facilities and other music venues have security challenges baked in including low lighting, loud music, and sometimes even intoxicated guests. To make matters worse, most facilities don’t have the right procedures in place to respond to incidents of all types of liabilities like fighting between concertgoers, gun violence, sexual assault, and harassment.

Music venue owners and staff should know what challenges they face on any given night and know how to protect not only the people who attend an event but their own operations moving forward.

Knowing Patrons’ Rights

Concertgoers and nightclub attendees have a right to feel safe and secure while they’re on the premises of the music venue. By law, music venue owners have a duty to protect guests from any possible harm, no matter how small.

Music venue owners are encouraged to implement the right level of property security precautions and preventive measures to keep a high level of safety and reduce property violence, sexual assault, injuries, and more. Security measures can include better lighting in parking lots, clearly marked exits, indoor and outdoor security staff, monitored surveillance cameras, bathroom attendants, and clear bag requirements.

Music venues should also be sure to cover their own business operations with effective music venue insurance that can protect them when claims arise. Major music venue violence events have happened in recent years, such as the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in 2016, and the massacre in Las Vegas at a country concert that killed 58 attendees in 2017.

Music venue insurance can help to provide the funds needed for legal counsel, litigation, and payouts following claims related to injuries and deaths sustained while on-premises. But while having music venue insurance is helpful, it should also be noted that knowing what to look out for and ensuring better safety and looking out for others’ well-being should be the main focus.

Preventing Crowd Violence

Crowd violence at music venues can be attributed to a number of things like bad lighting and poor physical design. And while some elements can be handled by updating a venue’s physical space, there are more human elements that music venue managers and staff need to look out for.

Violence can be triggered by social interactions involving intoxicated, angry and violent patrons who point their emotions toward someone else. Owners and managers can significantly reduce the possibility of concert violence by training and educating their staff to recognize and intervene when potentially violent guests begin to act up.

There should be an effective command of how to handle patrons who appear to be intoxicated and violent, and an established chain of command so that staff knows what to do to prevent a situation from escalating and who to report to. Those in charge should be able to effectively gather and analyze intelligence brought in from staff about the matter, and staff should be clear on their roles.

Venue managers can look to find ways to update the physical space, thus keeping guests safe. If there is poor lighting or there are areas where people could be confined, these should be addressed by using the resources to limit possible violence or assault. As mentioned above, security measures can include indoor and outdoor security staff, monitored surveillance cameras, and bathroom attendants to increase accountability.

However, when it comes down to it, an effective violence prevention strategy involves studying people’s movements, interactions, and behaviors during their time at a venue. Security staff should be trained in keeping an eye on all guests and look out for potential threats relaying any thoughts of a possible violent interaction about to unfold.

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