Crowd Control Advice for Concert Venues

Posted on: November 23, 2015 by RMS Hospitality

Live music venues are a lucrative business by any means. However, massive crowds and excitement can lead to potential chaos among concert-goers. To protect establishments such as these, Live Music Venue Insurance is critical. In addition, the following crowd control tips should be considering before hosting any large concert event.

Create Space Between Performer and Crowd- The actual distance may vary depending on the performer, but on average, try to leave an estimated 15-30 feet between the crowd and the performer. For example, if you are hosting a huge pop star’s show, you might consider creating a larger barrier between the two. Further, security personnel should be placed throughout the concert venue.

Entrance Control- Permit entry slowly to allow the patrons to enter and filter throughout the venue. Having too many people in one location is a recipe for disaster.

Clearly Mark Emergency Exits- In the event of an emergency, exits should be clearly marked and easily visible to control the flow of crowds. According to Line Logic, if your exits are marked, easy to find, and clearly communicated, you’ll lessen the chance of a stampede or crowd rush.

Block Dangerous Areas- Areas with electrical equipment, staircases, traffic routes, and hazardous chemical storage areas should be clearly marked and access should be blocked.

Single Line Entry- The single file line is more efficient for a timely entry. Rather than juggling multiple lines and attempting to manage anxious patrons, use a single line at the entrance.

Security- As people are usually drinking at concerts and inhibitions are lowered, it is important to stock up on security personnel. Especially for sold out shows, increase your security by 15 to 30 percent, just to be safe. With a strong presence of security, people will be less likely to riot or cause crowd crushes.

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