Boosting Summer Sales in your Restaurant

Posted on: June 21, 2016 by RMS Hospitality

Summer is an ideal season to boost sales and get people in the door. With everyone out of school and vacations planned for the majority of Americans, what better time than now to ensure your restaurant sees the growth it deserves? In addition to securing the best Restaurant Insurance Policy to protect your operations, try these profit-boosting techniques to make this summer your most successful season yet.

Make it colorful.

Showcase specials and seasonal drinks on your Facebook page and website to show your followers what you’re offering. Be sure to include something cold for everyone- fruity cocktails, seasonal lemonades, iced coffee, and something non-alcoholic for the kids! This will appeal to a larger demographic, especially if they’re colorful and attract the eye.

Showcase your summer menu.

Fresh, seasonal items should be added to your menu. When you have the menu planned and photographed beautifully, showcase your new dishes on your Facebook page and your website, as well. Remember, websites and pages that are regularly updated get more views and engagement than a static one, so be proactive!

Up your online business.

The most convenient way to get customers is to allow online ordering. According to Restaurant Engine, when you’re in the middle of lunch rush, take-out order phone calls can wreak havoc on your service and dine-in order flow. Studies show that online order tickets are 5-25% larger than phone-in orders. Being able to receive orders online avoids many potential issues and could contribute to an increase in revenue.

Start blogging.

As previously mentioned, regularly updated pages get more buzz. So, create a schedule and stick to it. Whether it’s weekly blogs, news, menu announcements, or drink specials, be sure to regularly communicate with your followers. Start a conversation and encourage others to respond and gain more interest in your establishment.

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