How to Become a Holiday Destination Restaurant

Posted on: November 25, 2016 by RMS Hospitality

The season’s biggest gift to restaurant business owners are corporate holiday parties. Hosting these events can boost business tremendously and put their restaurant on the map. Further, ticket prices within the corporate dining sphere are exponentially higher- 34 to 36 percent to be exact- around the holidays. Therefore, share the following advice with your clients to make their establishment a destination for holiday dining. Even more importantly, however, is securing their operation with a custom-tailored and specialized Restaurant Insurance Program.

What makes corporate holiday catering and parties so important to your bottom line? They can be some of the largest and most lucrative events of the year for restaurants. Holiday gatherings typically include some of the highest single restaurant expenditures for companies. After all, corporations want to provide a memorable event for their employees. In the process, they offer a big sales opportunity to restaurants that understand corporate client needs and deliver quality service, explains The National Restaurant Organization.

When devising a strategy for attracting these corporate groups, your clients should keep the following statistics in mind:

  • The majority of these groups eat locally. If there are plenty of corporate businesses in the area, chances are, your clients will have a great shot at hosting their holiday celebrations.
  • According to NRA, thirty-six percent of planned budgets are between $50-$75 per guest. Forty-three percent are planning to spend $25-$50 per guest; and
  • Seventy-eight percent will offer vegetarian options to their guests. Gluten-free food is also a priority (64 percent) and 36 percent of respondents plan to offer kosher options.
  • Over 40% of these groups will offer limited alcohol options, so discuss with the client ahead of time to prepare the options within their budget.
  • To get an edge over the competition, many large dining groups prefer party extras such as live music, a DJ, a photo booth, etc.


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