Keeping Bar Patrons Safe

Posted on: June 1, 2022 by RMS Hospitality

Ensuring the safety and well-being of bar patrons is a top concern and objective for owners of bars and restaurants. A violent incident spurred on by an over-indulgence in alcohol may lead to several negative consequences, including injury, damage, and a poor reputation.

Safety Measures

Stopping all possibilities of violence is not feasible, but there are some simple steps that bar owners can take to make their establishment a safer place. Preventative measures are the best approach to avoid loss, bad publicity, and fewer patrons. Of course, when something does go wrong, all bar owners should have restaurant insurance or a special kind of bar insurance to provide liability coverage to protect against financial loss. 

Establish Policy

Know what advice to give when your clients ask. How do you ensure safety in a bar? The first step is to have your client establish bar policies. Additionally, these should outline acceptable practices and give instructions on handling stressful situations. All employees must know emergency actions and alcohol-serving limits and access essential contact numbers quickly. 

Use Professional Security

Bar security is essential to the safety of patrons and the establishment itself. Having someone at the door to check identification and refuse entry if needed. Security can provide extra sets of eyes to watch customers and step in to stop harassment, fights, or other issues.

Intoxicated people can become hostile quickly. Every bar should have both physically and mentally strong staff enough to intervene early to keep patrons safe and keep the peace before an incident escalates.

Consider the Space

Your client’s bar must use appropriate lighting and a thoughtful layout. Dark bars disorient customers, especially with the accompaniment of loud music and conversations. Good lighting reduces the chance of patrons falling or accidentally running into someone and causing a fight to start. Space out tables and chairs so there is room to walk between them without tripping. 

Monitor Patron Behavior

Keeping customers safe at the bar includes monitoring alcohol consumption. Likewise, your client must adhere to policy and refuse service to visibly intoxicated people. Patrons with too much to drink are at a higher risk of involvement in an accident or violent altercation. 

Build a Relationship with Law Enforcement

When a patron becomes violent, they could refuse to leave the premises or pose a threat to others. In these instances, the local police should intervene. Bar owners can benefit from building a positive relationship with law enforcement so they can contact them when the bar needs backup. Additionally, not every bar fight or accident is preventable. Ensure your client’s restaurant insurance policy is up-to-date and provides the proper coverage. 

Bars are great places to unwind and have a drink with friends. However, patrons that don’t feel secure will not continue to provide business. If your client wants a successful bar, they must stay vigilant regarding patron safety. These simple measures keep patrons healthy and lower the risk of damage or financial liability from an accident. 

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