Keeping Adult Club Workers Safe: A Guide

Posted on: January 11, 2023 by RMS Hospitality Group

Adult club workers can face threats that not many other employees in other businesses deal with. According to statistics, there are more than 3,800 strip clubs in the U.S. These establishments may also go by the names “adult nightclubs” or “gentlemen’s clubs.” These titles refer to businesses that typically offer erotic performances for clientele.

How to Safeguard Adult Club Workers

Because of the unique nature of these businesses, there is a greater risk. However, the right hospitality insurance programs can combat this. Learn how your clients in this industry can keep their club workers safe.

Get the Right Hospitality Insurance Programs

There are many different types of business insurance, but many of these policies fail to cover the breadth of risk that adult clubs often face. In addition to the apparent concern for club worker safety, adult clubs may be targets for robbery, vandalism, and other unfortunate liabilities. An adult nightclub program insurance policy can account for risks like these and shield club owners from potential loss. This type of policy also protects the workers in an adult club by shielding them from the liability they may face while working.

Implement Safety-Centered Management Practices

Insurance can protect a club from financial losses, but safety-minded management is the only way to prevent risk from occurring. Management must be aware of their workers’ various risks, including unwanted interactions with customers and violations of club rules. When these risks emerge, worker safety is in jeopardy, and management must contain the situation. Investing in a professional security detail is often an effective way to do this.

Recognize the Range of Risks That Can Emerge

Negative customer interactions are just some of the risks adult club staff members face. In some places, legislation forces these workers to toe the line of legality, and a misguided performance could incur legal ramifications for a club — and the performer in question. To further complicate matters, legislation governing adult establishments often changes, leaving workers and clubs vulnerable to allegations of legal infractions. Club management must always stay apprised of potential changes in adult performance laws. Failure to do so will put performers at risk and cause unnecessary liabilities to emerge.

Find Hospitality Insurance Programs for Adult Venues

Finding the right insurance policy is essential for any business. It’s imperative, though, for businesses in the adult industry. The stigma, criticism, and excessive oversight that these clubs often face can increase the risk that workers must shoulder. You can help your clients in this sector by connecting them with the right hospitality insurance programs. A policy that meets the needs of adult nightclubs can create better working conditions for performers and mitigate many of the legal risks they face. Adult club managers must secure this coverage and work to keep workers safe.

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