Using Live Video to Engage Followers

Posted on: November 1, 2016 by RMS Hospitality

The newest social media trend is to do live video streams to engage with your followers. This real-time video will allow your friends to get a glimpse of behind the scenes restaurant activity and will also promote conversation about your restaurant. As this feature provides an opportunity for your restaurant to make its own personal stamp and promote your brand, doing it correctly is critical. Therefore, read on to discover how to make this feature work for your benefit and equip your establishment with a Restaurant Insurance Program.

Build your community.

Before you incorporate live video into your marketing plan, regularly post on Facebook or Twitter. Establish the narrative of your brand’s story and layer in a real-time video to personalize it. Any effort you put into a live video will be lost if you don’t have a digital audience in the first place. If your followers enjoy what they see, they can help you reach potential customers by sharing your videos, says the National Restaurant Association.

Be consistent.

Advertise your live video stream before it airs to create some buzz about your restaurant. Next, show authentic video such as your chef creating the daily special or perhaps a bartender showing how to make a new holiday drink. Be sure to always do live video streaming at the same time so your followers know when to watch!

Acknowledge viewers.

When people view your live recording and ask questions in real time, answer them! Nothing will show your appreciation more. Or, give shout outs to those who comment on your video.

Execute properly.

When you’re ready to launch your first live stream, don’t forget the basics. Set your phone to “do not disturb.” Look in your camera. Make sure you or whoever is on camera is looking their best. Stick to your plan, have fun with it, and expect to learn from your experience, says the article.

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