Restaurant Money-Saving Tips: e-learning Opportunities

Posted on: January 11, 2018 by RMS Hospitality

Training is a necessary component for all of your hospitality clients. As an ongoing process, they might be wasting precious time and resources trying to schedule training sessions when they have new hires, are implementing new procedures, or are getting new equipment. For this reason, e-learning opportunities can save them money and time and ensure consistency with each new and existing employee. In this article, we’re going to cover how these systems can benefit your clients. Before sharing this information, review their Restaurant Insurance Programs.

Centralized training materials.

e-learning is an interactive way for your clients to train their employees in an easily accessible way. Even if all or portions of your training sessions are in-person, you can quickly create effective, interactive learning and assessments, with no programming experience required. Subject matter experts can quickly become course authors, with the flexibility to update information in real time. Because all learning materials are gathered in one place, learners can be more self-reliant and learn on their own schedules. Users and content within the system can be assigned special attributes that then allow you to automate distribution and target specific user groups automatically. After the training is over, if an employee would like a refresher on a particular topic, they can sign into the system and view the material again without having to track down the trainer. You can also post training content in various languages, explains The National Restaurant Association.

These management systems also allow employees to review information they learned in the past. Materials and resources remain on the program so if a refresher course is needed, they can easily review the curriculum.


Not all employees require the same training. New hires need orientation, waiters need food safety courses, chefs need kitchen safety testing, and bartenders need safe serving classes, e-learning courses can be customized to fit the needs of their employees. Your clients can take advantage of role-specific options when looking for e-learning management systems. If they don’t offer this option, it’s probably best to go with another learning program.

Progress tracking.

Log target completion dates for courses, certifications and testing to eliminate any confusion. Employees and their managers can receive digital reminders when key training deadlines approach.

Reporting & improvement.

If there is a portion of the learning that seems to confuse employees, the reporting feature on these e-learning training systems can pinpoint those areas. Finally, it can tell your clients which areas employees consistently passed with flying colors. This way, the curriculum can be changed and improved so that employees absorb the information better and understand what is expected of them.

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