AL Restaurant Fire Raises Liability Concerns

Posted on: September 15, 2015 by RMS Hospitality Group

AL Restaurant Fire Raises Liability ConcernsA well-known Alabama restaurant has suffered damage from a hood fire in their kitchen. Although the damage has been minimal, NY Restaurant Liability and other safety concerns can be mitigated with the proper coverage for your business.

Central, the popular downtown Montgomery restaurant, underwent minor damage as a result of a hood fire in the ventilation system on Thursday, September 10th. Two fire engines from the Montgomery Fire Department responded and arrived early Friday morning. An official statement by Central stated “The fire department ensured all staff and diners were evacuated safely and verified the fire was extinguished.”

Randal Gresham, Jr., Executive Chef, told WSA 12 News “We’ve got some really, really passionate folks working in this building and their normalcy is working in this building. We want to make sure we open as soon as possible so we can return some normalcy to them and also make sure we’re taking care of the community.”

While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, the restaurant remains closed for safety purposes. Gresham also explained “Something within that system went wrong, fortunately the system worked wonderfully, there was no damage to the building. The only damage we’re cleaning up afterwards is the water damage to the building from the sprinkler heads going off and the exhaust fan on top of the building.”

Staff are said to be working long hours to complete the cleanup in order to reopen as soon as possible. A new hood system will be installed by the middle of this week, according to Gresham. After the city inspects and approves the changes, Central will be approved to reopen.

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