Promoting an Accountable Alcohol Service

Posted on: December 13, 2016 by RMS Hospitality

Alcohol is a profit booster and a necessity for revenue in most restaurants. However, serving liquor does not come without its risks. The additional liabilities that restaurant owners incur from serving alcohol needs to be addressed with a comprehensive Restaurant Liability Insurance Program. In addition, share the following information with your clients.

Understand the law.

According to the National Restaurant Association, citations can be issued for violations, including selling alcohol to a minor, serving a guest who is intoxicated, and selling or serving alcohol at times or occasions when it is not permitted; these violations can result in fines, suspension or revocation of an establishment’s liquor license, or losing a server’s license. Your clients should be well-versed on their states requirements and regulations when it comes to serving alcohol to minimize liability and fines.

Have employees complete an alcohol training certification program.

This program is a requirement for each employee who serves guests or interacts with them. The training should be ongoing and resources from ServSafe’s website should be posted in the back. If anyone is unclear on the rules or needs additional information, a point person (such as a manager) should provide answers and resources.

Utilize best practices.

Your clients should set a good example to their employees. They should uphold the safety practices and be consistent with these laws to demonstrate their severity to the employees.

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