Menu Creation and Writing: Top Restaurant Challenges

Posted on: April 18, 2017 by RMS Hospitality Group

For many restaurateurs, developing a unique concept and showcasing that through the food is a huge challenge. While there is so much competition to overcome in the restaurant space, it can be a challenge to accurately reflect your concept, mission, and vision through your menu. However, we have a fix for that. Share the following information with your clients and ensure their operation is protected with a Restaurants Program Insurance policy.

Menu description.

Keep it simple and straightforward when it comes to describing dishes on the menu. The goal is to entice the customer without using flowery language that they might not understand. Highlight the main ingredients in the dish and be aware of products that might warrant an allergy notification.

Menu design.

The menu’s design and color scheme should fit the concept of the restaurant. For example, a family style Italian restaurant’s menu should look quite different than an upscale French bistro. The type of food, atmosphere, and culture the restaurant promotes should be reflected in the menu. Think of colors and fonts that play into the theme.

Menu pricing.

According to The Balance, food cost and portion control are two ways to help price your menu correctly, so you make a profit but be careful not to price yourself out of the local market. Another way to ensure a profit is to create a balance of expensive and inexpensive items and limiting the use of market price items, which have the greatest fluctuation in prices.

Healthy alternatives.

As we have discussed in previous posts, healthy eating is becoming more and more of a lifestyle choice. Your clients can come up with healthier alternatives to traditional recipes and ingredients to showcase on their menus. Participating in trends can speak to different demographics and make their restaurant more relevant within their communities.

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