How to Make Over a Customer Rewards Program

Posted on: February 8, 2018 by RMS Hospitality

If your clients are one of the millions of restaurants that reward their customers for returning, this article is for them. In today’s digital-obsessed world, modernizing the program and expanding their reach via different platforms is almost required. In this post, we’re going to cover how your clients can cater to their customer’s mobile needs.

Create a mobile app.

Gaining real estate in a customer’s phone can be tough. However, if you use your other marketing mechanisms – your social media accounts, your website, your in-store signage, and your collateral, to name a few – to promote all the cool things your app does and how it can make a customer’s dining experience more seamless, you’ve got a fair shot. You can activate proximity marketing tactics, too, by deploying push notifications that promote limited-time or personalized customer offers, recommends the National Restaurant Association.

Offer complimentary WiFi.

Customers don’t want to waste their data browsing the web in your client’s restaurants. Allow easy access to the store’s WiFi to improve their experience. What’s more, if their customers opt to automatically sign on to the WiFi the next time they return, your clients can gather data about who their customer is and how often he or she visits. Remind your clients to utilize data to tailor their marketing approach.

Allow online ordering.

There are so many ways for your clients to implement online ordering. From allowing easy ordering on their own website to partnering with companies such as GrubHub or Favor to deliver food to their customers for a small fee.

When you integrate an ordering feature onto your mobile app or restaurant website, customers typically expect requests for their contact info when they use this feature, explains the article. Customers can note their preferred method of contact so that your clients can send them emails or texts to market their restaurant.

Once customers sign up for food delivery services, your clients can offer incentives for them to order again, such as a free meal, offer items at a discount, or free delivery on their next order. Another tip? Remind your clients to offer discounts to their friends and family for spreading the word.

Before they implement any new technology or processes, you should review your client’s Restaurant Insurance Programs to ensure they are fully protected and ready to navigate the new year.


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