Leveraging Social Media to Build Restaurant Business

Posted on: November 29, 2016 by RMS Hospitality

Engaging with followers on social media can be a tall order, especially around the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. However, interaction with potential customers is critical in your client’s marketing strategy. Encouraging customers to take part in the online conversation can lead to user-generated content, which is a great marketing tool. Therefore, secure your clients’ operation with a Restaurant Insurance Program and share the following tips with them for a successful holiday season.

According to the National Restaurant Association, this user-generated content can consist of text, photo and/or video. For example, customers might write a few words about the meal they just had, snap an amazing food shot from an angle you never thought of, or capture a short video of their friends celebrating a major milestone in your restaurant. It provides that third-party validation you crave and also shows how great your restaurant is without you having to constantly toot your own horn.

Here is how to achieve this:

  • Encourage diners to take photos of their meals and indicate which hashtags they should use to bolster the right attention. Place them on menus or placards on the tables to give customers the right idea. Ensure your clients use this to their advantage by having customers showcase holiday specials, festive drinks, and beautiful plates.
  • Your clients should create their own branded hashtag and use it on their social media accounts to promote the same usage by their customers.
  • Provide incentive for customers to participate by providing a gift card or a promotional deal when they post their favorite picture of their food or visit to the restaurant.
  • Be sure to respond to reviews, questions, and complaints on social media and review platforms. This will show diners the commitment your clients have for their guests’ satisfaction and promote a positive reputation.

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