Rejoicing Winter: Keeping Business Going After the Holidays

Posted on: December 6, 2016 by RMS Hospitality

With the majority of people spending their hard-earned paychecks on paying off holiday debt and working on their waistlines, it might be difficult for some bar owners to attract business during the winter. However, starting the new year off with booming business is what very bar owner craves. Therefore, in addition to securing the right Bar and Tavern Insurance Program, here is how your clients can promote business with simple marketing strategies during the harsh winter months.

Carry the winter theme through social media efforts.

Your clients can engage their followers by posting questions about their favorite part about winter and their least favorite parts of social media. Next, provide an incentive for followers to share pictures of them doing both their favorite and most disliked activity by providing deals and promotions for participating. Next, your clients should encourage customers to check-in and post pictures at their establishment to get a social buzz going. Ensure your clients aren’t shy about asking for customer emails to provide insider deals and to really get to know their demographic.

Provide incentive to spread the word.

Free drinks, appetizers, or even backstage passes can be offered to customers who share the word about the bar with a friend. Remember, word of mouth can be a great way to increase business, especially when coming from a trusted source.

Use any excuse to throw a party.

A countdown to spring or summer is a great reason to throw a party. Reserve one or two nights this winter to pull out all the stops, including hiring professional dancers, a popular DJ, an up-and-coming band, or even a guest celebrity. You can quickly fill the place with your ideal customers if you send a personalized message to those who have given you the green light to contact them through email or text. As an added incentive, offer your insiders a price break for advance ticket purchases, says Nightclub & Bar.

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