Holiday Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

Posted on: December 10, 2015 by RMS Hospitality

The holidays are an exceptionally busy time for restaurants. While there is undoubtedly ample competition, it is important to note some effective social media marketing strategies to promote your business during this hectic time of year. Further, inquire about a sound Restaurant Insurance Program to protect your property, employees, and operations year-round.

Holiday Menu – Turn to your social media page to encourage diners to try your holiday items. It’s never too early to start showing off your new dishes with vivid pictures and offering promotional deals.

Private Party Room- As plenty of holiday parties occur during the months of December, the National Restaurant Association states to give your email and social media followers an exclusive opportunity to book your party room. Be sure to list the available dates for easy booking.

Gift Cards- Promote the sale of gift cards to your followers to encourage more traffic in your restaurant. For example, for every $100 gift card they purchase, offer a $20 gift card for themselves.

Meal Help- Remind customers to purchase sides and desserts from your restaurant, if applicable, to ease the pressure of cooking for family on the holidays.

Increase your Hours- Especially when located in or near a mall, holiday hours should be longer to accommodate the rushes of crowds after shopping. Send an email to your guest list and announce holiday hours on all of your social media channels.

Say Thank You- Acknowledge the customers who made another year of success possible for your restaurant. Social media is a great way to reach and appreciate your loyal customers.

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