Effective Solutions for Handling Customer Complaints

Posted on: June 15, 2017 by RMS Hospitality

It’s inevitable that your clients will face unhappy customers at some point, and how they handle it makes all the difference.  The most important step is to acknowledge the customer complaint. There is no worse way to approach the situation than to argue or try to disprove the customer. If the issue has been ongoing and takes a while to explain, take notes and acknowledge their frustrations. Simply listen to the complaint and take it all in.

Small Business Chronicle recommends that you address the problem, empathize with his situation, and assure him you will act immediately to address the complaint. This is not the time to worry about who is to blame or to make excuses. Remain calm and try to keep the situation from escalating.

Remedy the situation as soon as possible. If it means remaking the order or replacing something on their plate, ensure the kitchen staff knows that this takes priority. Bring in a manager to speak with them, as well, to show that their opinion matters.

Finally, take it one step further by offering a complementary ticket item, valet, or even a future meal. TA complaint is an opportunity to make the restaurant better. If customers take the time to complain, learn from them.

  • Implement changes to prevent reoccurring issues.
  • Train employees on how to manage complaints.
  • Empower employees to resolve customer complaints.

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