E-Learning Opportunities for your Restaurant

Posted on: August 25, 2016 by RMS Hospitality Group

Training should be an ongoing component of any restaurant’s processes. E-learning materials can be accessed online and provide training to employees in a more interactive format. With a digital management framework system, these tools and pages can be housed securely. As this provides plenty of assistance for managers, let us take a closer look at how it can benefit your clients. Even more importantly, ensure your clients are backed by a Restaurant Insurance Program.

Centralize training resources.

Even if all or portions of your training are in-person, you can quickly create effective, interactive learning and assessments, with no programming experience required. Since all learning materials are gathered in one place, learners can be more self-reliant and learn on their own schedules and users and content within the system can be assigned special attributes that allow you to automate distribution and target specific user groups automatically, says the National Restaurant Association.

Training customization.

Depending on the role the employee has, customize the training program to suit them. Whether it’s kitchen safety protocols, food safety, or front of the house sales, each employee can undergo their own program to streamline the training process.

Track progress and completion.

Mark off completed courses and certificates achieved with the coordinating dates. If deadlines are approaching, digital reminders can be sent to both employees and managers.


If there is an area that needs more attention across the board, managers can improve that training component to be more easily understood. Allow these training tests to serve as a guide to determine where to spend more training dollars.

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